Qualities of a Good Counterfeit Money

The qualities of a good counterfeit money depends on 2 main factors; which are the qualities of papers and the type of chemical used. The quality can go on to assess the implantation of security features on the notes. When I was still very young and ignorant I use to ponder on the question “Do people really need to buy counterfeit money? It’s only when the grew up and learn to understand many other things before I realize, laws bind citizens but law might not necceasrily be true. In the case of counterfeit money, I understand that it is not neccessarily bad money, but simply referrs to money not produced by the government. But with the way politics of government operates, few turns to enjoy while the masses suffer in poverty. It is for this reasons that people started to buy counterfeit money online so as to help make their ives easy. But buying countefeit money also means knowing the qualities of a good counterfeit money. Even most of the so called protectors against the sale of counterfeit money do produce or buy counterfeit money online, but are only careful enough not to be exposed, It from the buying of counterfeit money that they turn to have enough bills to spend especially during electorial campaigns. However, my objective today is to get you understand what counterfeiting and particularly counterfeit money is all about. I have secondly as objective to get understand that they exist good and bad counterfeit and to be able to distinguish between good and bad counterfeit money. And lastly, to show you where you can buy top quality undetectable counterfeit money online that passes all dection test and save to use for at least 9 months. After understanding all you need to know about counterfeit money then you can now move on to buy counterfeit money online of best quality, indistinguishable of sight, touch and machine detection.


Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value and sometimes, a standard of deferred payment. Any item or verifiable record that fulfils these functions can be considered as money. Counterfeit To counterfeit means to imitate something authentic, with the intent to steal, destroy, or replace the original, for use in illegal transactions, or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than the real thing. Counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of items such as clothinghandbagsshoespharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watcheselectronics (both parts and finished products), software, works of arttoys, and movies. Counterfeit money
Counterfeit money is imitation currency produced without the legal sanction of the state or government usually in a deliberate attempt to imitate that currency and so as to deceive its recipient. Producing or using counterfeitmoney is a form of fraud or forgery. The business of counterfeiting money is almost as old as money itself: plated copies (known as Fourrées) have been found of Lydian coins which are thought to be among the first Western coins. Before the introduction of paper money, the most prevalent method of counterfeiting involved mixing base metals with pure gold or silver. Another form of counterfeiting is the production of documents by legitimate printers in response to fraudulent instructions. During World War II, the Nazis forged British pounds and American dollars. Today some of the finest counterfeit banknotes are called Superdollars because of their high quality and likeness to the real US dollar. There has been significant counterfeiting of Euro banknotes and coins since the launch of the currency in 2002, but considerably less than for the US dollar.


Recievers of money always verify the quality of money using methods which includes; sight, touch and the counterfeit money detecting machine (money detector)
Qualities of a Good Counterfeit Money
Qualities of a Good Counterfeit Money
Let us study the three qualities of good counterfeit money.
  1. Quality of Touch

People know what money feels like. People who handle money constantly, like bank tellers, cashiers and waitstaff, can feel a counterfeit bill instantly if the paper is wrong. That “feel of money” comes from at least three different things that make the paper in QualityFakeMoney bills unique:
  • We use rag papers (which is use by government to print real money). This special money paper is made from cotton and linen fibers. It is different from normal paper that you use on a day-to-day basis (newspaper, notebook paper, paper in books, etc.) which is made from the cellulose found in trees.  One big advantage of using rag paper is the fact that it does not disintegrate if you accidentally run paper money through a washing machine.
  • The paper used for money is thin compared to normal paper.
  • The paper used for money is squeezed with thousands of pounds of pressure during the printing process. This makes it even thinner and gives newly made bills a special crispness just like government money.

    Quality of Sight and Quality of Detecting machines

This is one of the first observable qualities of a good counterfeit money. The qualities against money detecting machines includes intalling the following security features; Good quality fake banknotes contain the following security features that make it to be genius and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world both Euro, Pounds Sterling and Dollar, and any bills of your choice you  want. Our bills/notes bypass everything detecting including; sight, counterfeit pens and machines. -We have the best Hologram and duplicate machines -UV: By-Passed -All security features available Security features of good quality counterfeit bank notes: -Intaglio printing -Watermarks -Security thread -See-through register -Special foil/special foil elements -Iridescent stripe / shifting colors. We have high quality undetectable banknotes that satisfy all the three qualities. By-passes all detection possibilities including; touch, sight and detection machines. If you order from us the you are sure of having the best quality of money even better than the real money.

Here is our expertist in the qualities of good counterfeit money

We are quality leader in authentic Banknote and Counterfeit Banknotes printing. Our work ranges from the production of substrates and security features, through banknote printing and web application, to plant engineering. Our high-tech solutions ensure we produce the best banknotes in the world. We have the Best Counterfeit Banknotes for sale. Recent developments in photographic, computer and printing technologies, along with the availability of low-cost equipment, have made the production of counterfeit money relatively easy. We are different from every other company in that we produce super undetected counterfeit notes.We use cutting-edge technology to produce the best counterfeit money. With our advanced printing processes, managed services, and distinct focus on quality, we realize every currency as a unique, secure and cost-effective solution. Banknotes are a country’s business card, and the design imperatives and their unique properties including color-shift, tactile, and interactive elements enable them to be authenticated and mechanically processed. With us you are sure of getting the best qualities of a good counterfeit money.
Also we have the best trusted delivery taken into consideration of custom activities in the period of delivery.

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